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  • 2017 Acura MDX

    The MDX is a mid-size three-row luxury crossover manufactured by Honda’s luxury division Acura. It was originally launched in 2000 and it is considered as the best-selling and one of the best models in the class. During these fifteen years of production, we have seen three generations of it. Current model came in about two […]

  • 2016 Honda S1000

    The history of Honda’s roadsters, also called the S series, begun in 1963. During all these years, there were several models in production like S500, S600, S800, S2000 etc. The last-mentioned ended its production so nowadays there is no car of this type in company’s offer. However, it is well-known that company presented a concept […]

  • 2016 Honda HR-V SLF

    Original Honda HR-V was a mini SUV and it was produced from 1998 to 2006. After eight years of brake, company decided to use this nameplate once again. This time it will be a subcompact crossover. New model debuted at the 2014 New York Auto Show as a concept car, while production model was presented […]

  • Honda Civic Concept

    Japanese manufacturer has big plans for the future. There are several models to be introduced in next period and one of the most important is definitelly the Civic. The current generation of this compact car was the best seling model in U.S. in its class since it was launched in 2011. The Honda Civic Concept […]

  • 2016 Honda TRX250X

    As you probably know, Honda recently announced full details about 2016 ATV models. Since most of the models suffered modifications last year, bigger changes are not expected for them. Unlike main FourTrax models, 2016 Honda TRX250X will come with several modifications, which will make this ATV better than ever and which will keep the place […]

  • 2016 Honda Recon

    Honda recently released details about its ATV line up for the 2016 year models. All in all, it looks like most of the models won’t be much different from the current 2015 models. Same thing will be with the 2016 Honda Recon, which is considered as base model of FourTrax series. This classy mid-sized ATV […]

  • 2016 Honda TRX90X

    The need for all-terrain vehicles is getting bigger year by year. There are plenty of manufacturers, but the Honda is definitely one of the top players. Company’s Powersports division is mainly known for motorcycles, but for all those who love adventures, there are no secrets when it is about ATVs. There is a very wide […]

  • 2016 Honda Foreman 4×4

    In Honda’s wide offer of all-terrain vehicles, Foreman 4×4 is definitely one of the best deals. This model is one of the top offers and it will give you a perfect balance between quality, performance and comfort. As you probably know, company did various modifications on many models so, just like others, 2016 Honda Foreman […]

  • 2016 Honda Rancher

    Honda has very wide offer, when it is about all-terrain vehicles, so you can choose one that perfectly suits to you. One of those is 2016 Honda Rancher, which is designed for hardest tasks. Although it is a working machine, it is also very fun for ride. Last year it came with several updates so, […]

  • 2018 Honda CR-Z

    Well, this is a very interesting car. Although it is hard to say which segment of cars it belongs, company describes it as sport hybrid coupe. Although it is basically a hatchback, it has sporty 2+2 seat configuration, which powertrain comes in hybrid configuration. This model was originally launched in 2010, and it is based […]