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  • 2015 Honda S660 Spy Pics

    Mid-range Honda S660 is ready for the launch. Concept that was presented two years ago at Detroit Car Show, and since then all enthusiasts can’t wait for this vehicle. The car gathered a lot of fans from the concept, and now 2015 Honda S660 spy pics are thrilling moment. Two year period of waiting is […]

  • 2016 Honda Fit

    This subcompact hatchback/wagon is very important model for Honda and it is definitely one of the key players in this segment on global market. It was originally released in 2001 and it recently came as third-generation model. It was presented on the 2014 North American International Auto Show and went on sale in June as […]

  • 2015 Honda Jazz

    Honda Jazz is definitely one of the most important models for this Japanese manufacturer. This subcompact car was originally launched in 2001 and company currently promotes new 2015 Jazz, which came as third-generation model. This car is also known as Honda Fit, which is the name for the markets such as Japan, China or United […]

  • Kylie Tjin Special edition 2015 Honda Fit

    Among other tuners, for 2014 SEMA show, Kylie Tjin decided to present again tuned version of Honda Fit. This is third year in a row for this company to appear at same show with this car, and it is turning more and more attention to it. For this Kylie Tjin Special edition 2015 Honda Fit, […]

  • 2015 Honda Element

    The real surprise could come from Japanese carmaker if Honda launches its Element, after 4 years of pause. Last model was launched in 2011, and since then there were no rumors that this model could re-appear. However, these days we can hear louder and louder that next year could bring 2015 Honda Element, new vehicle […]

  • Spoon Sport Super Taikyu 2015 Honda Fit

    The 2014 SEMA Show brought a lot entertainment, especially for Honda Fit fans. This vehicle had whole army of tuned versions, and one of these was Spoon Sport Super Taikyu 2015 Honda Fit. Easy tunable, Fit is one of the favorite models for modifying. Spoon Sport presented their version with modifications made on engine and […]

  • 2016 Honda HRV

    Crossover segment is growing day by day. Next year, we will have plenty of these vehicles. But for 2016, something special is being prepared. Subcompact crossovers have been announced to enter the market from all major companies. However, 2016 Honda HRV is the first model that was confirmed from any of them, and that we […]

  • Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit

    Car show in Las Vegas, also known as SEMA show, is the chance for all tuners and cars that are capable for tuning to show off. One of the models that stole this year’s show is 2015 Honda Fit. Many companies and factories were involved in modification of the hatchback, and among them, one model […]

  • Kenny Vinces 2015 Honda Fit

    Many tuners took part in this year’s SEMA show. Honda Fit model was one of the most popular, and we could see modifications from HPD team, Mad Industries and Bisimoto. However, one of the most attractive versions was Kenny Vinces 2015 Honda Fit. Other tuned models paid attention on design or performance, rarely on both […]

  • Mad Industries 2015 Honda Fit

    Unlikely the other car shown in SEMA show in Las Vegas, Honda Fit modified by Mad Industries has only design changes. Yes, it is truth, engine is the same as for the base model. Most other vehicles are tuned Fit models, and it happened mostly on performance end. However, Mad Industries 2015 Honda Fit design […]