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  • 2018 Honda City

    Honda City is one of the long lasting models in Japanese company. It has been 35 years of success and constant innovations. During that period, we could see many models, many variations and tries to make this sedan better. Now, it is subcompact car with 4-doors. Carmaker won’t change that with upcoming 2018 Honda City. […]

  • 2016 Honda Insight

    New Honda hybrid vehicle will be presented as 2016 Insight. It is going to be sibling of the Prius, which is proven, and one of the best rated hybrids nowadays.  We expect similar features. First comes first, powertrain system should be carried over. Also, some styling solutions will be the same. We are sure that […]

  • 2017 Honda CR-Z

    Although first generation of the CR-Z had no expected impact, Honda is ready to give another go for this vehicle. However, second generation won’t be available for Europe-based buyers, so that shows that company pointed this area as non-profitable. Japanese and US buyers will enjoy new model, which is about to come as 2017 Honda […]

  • 2017 Honda Crosstour

    Although Honda’s offer on SUV market is very rich, new vehicles are carefully planned for next couple of years. Among them is 2017 Honda Crosstour, and this vehicle could be out soon. Current model hadn’t achieved what was expected from it, and there were many defects on it. However, Japanese carmaker will offer another chance […]

  • 2016 Honda Fit Shuttle

    As you probably know, the third generation of company’s subcompact car Fit/Jazz was released not so long time ago. New model came completely redesigned, with plenty of improvements such as new styling, new chassis, engines etc. One of the special variants of this car is Honda Fit Shuttle. This model was launched in 2011, based […]

  • 2018 Honda CR-Z

    Well, this is a very interesting car. Although it is hard to say which segment of cars it belongs, company describes it as sport hybrid coupe. Although it is basically a hatchback, it has sporty 2+2 seat configuration, which powertrain comes in hybrid configuration. This model was originally launched in 2010, and it is based […]

  • Honda FCV concept

    New Honda FCV concept is being prepared for 2018 year, when first vehicles built on new platform should be launched. It brings new powertrains and a lot of new features. First of all, new hybrid combinations will be made, as well as plug-in hybrids. Honda announced there could be options with two or three engines […]

  • NAIAS 2015 Honda news

    A year that just has started could be taken by Japanese carmaker, which started aggressively in North American International Auto Show (NAIAS 2015) in Detroit. Not only that Honda is presenting latest technologies implemented on their vehicles, but they also bring new cars and concepts, redesigned and refreshed vehicles which have been selling great, and […]

  • 2016 Honda Fit

    This subcompact hatchback/wagon is very important model for Honda and it is definitely one of the key players in this segment on global market. It was originally released in 2001 and it recently came as third-generation model. It was presented on the 2014 North American International Auto Show and went on sale in June as […]

  • 2015 Honda Grace

    Honda is always trying to launch new vehicles to existing lineup and that is why this Japanese carmaker is one of the leaders in global market. Reliability and durability of the cars, with constant improvements are seen from buyers. Honda is always trying to keep the pace of innovations, and that is why we will […]