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  • 2015 Honda Stateline

    Styling of the 2015 Honda Stateline makes statement in cruiser class. Its elegance is superb, so every rider would like to get one for himself. Not only that, this bike is elegant, but still very powerful so you can get all you need for ride on open road. With this model, Honda is getting closer […]

  • 2015 Honda Ruckus

    Ruckus is a scooter from Honda which is famous of its unique design. It is eye-catching at first sight, and you can remember it very easy. It is naked, showing most of its interior, while there is no classic storage room. However, it doesn’t make 2015 Honda Ruckus less exciting. This scooter is versatile and […]

  • 2015 Honda Shadow Phantom

    With many cruisers offered, the one hasn’t been proved as something special. Beside Honda’s characteristics – durability and reliability, there are no visual specifications that could be breathtaking. The 2015 Honda Shadow Phantom is somehow common town cruiser, without outstanding styling features. According to fans critics, this bike is not so hot with its ordinary […]

  • 2015 Honda NC700X

    The 2015 Honda NC700X is a multifunctional bike built with efficiency, but again very practical. It could be used for everyday commuting, but on the other hand, motorcycle can perform well on open road. All standard equipment and features can be found on the new NC700X, including ABS braking system developed by Honda, but there […]

  • 2015 Honda Metropolitan

    Stylish scooter with great fuel economy, that is the explanation in few words for 2015 Honda Metropolitan. However, there are many more things about this bike beside it. Its price is also plus, and it is excellent choice if you are going to use it for daily commuting. Cruising around town has never been easier […]

  • 2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT Race Replica

    Racing segment of Honda is probably the best in the bike segment. They have their bikes in all classes. But, not just to fill the place, but to compete for the highest positions on podiums and standings. Such reputation makes their bikes very attractive. Among them is 2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT Race Replica, one […]

  • 2015 Honda Shadow Aero

    The 2015 Honda Shadow Aero is another excellent cruiser from Japanese company for this year. This segment has been developed in recent years, and Honda’s recipe was comfortable riding. That is primary thing when you think of these kinds of bikes. Maximum relaxation during trips, with recall of classic bikes styling are highlights of Honda […]

  • 2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B

    If you are looking for touring bike, which is comfortable, big, with enough luggage room, but one the other side good performer, the 2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B is solution for your problems. This motorcycle has all a rider needs. It is also reliable and durable, and its appearance is amazing. This machine is packed […]

  • 2015 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

    The 2015 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie represents the reincarnation of classic model that was produced early in 1990’s. Ever since its first appearance in 1996 it was magnificent vehicle. However, Valkyrie has been removed from lineup for over ten years. Meanwhile, Honda tried to replace it with similar model, but after many failures, company decided […]

  • 2015 Honda Interceptor

    Full name of the 2015 Honda Interceptor is VFR800F Interceptor, but just Interceptor became the most popular nick for the bike. How much popularity this model gained, says that its replacement, after dropping it by company, the VFR1200 didn’t manage to fulfill expectations, so Honda has returned to public’s favorite motorcycle after just 5 years. […]