NAIAS 2015 Honda news

A year that just has started could be taken by Japanese carmaker, which started aggressively in North American International Auto Show (NAIAS 2015) in Detroit. Not only that Honda is presenting latest technologies implemented on their vehicles, but they also bring new cars and concepts, redesigned and refreshed vehicles which have been selling great, and with that, Honda is surprising all their fans at NAIAS 2015. We will try to mention the most interesting stories that happened so far.

NAIAS 2015 - Honda news

NAIAS 2015 – Honda Plug-in Hybrid

Carmakers are spending a lot of money in develop of hybrid vehicles, which could be future of automotive industry. From what we saw at NAIAS 2015, looks like that Honda is making biggest steps. Plans for all new battery-electric vehicle and new plug-in hybrid model are unveiled, and these two- and three-motor hybrid systems should be implemented by 2018. It shouldn’t be so interesting if these are ordinary hybrids, but news are that these vehicles will be in par with fuel-powered engines.

NAIAS 2015 - honda engine

NAIAS 2015 – Honda FCV concept

The Japanese company is a leader in many segments, and that is because of the dedicated work on all ends of the car. The NAIAS 2015 brings news on styling with new FCV concept revealed. This vehicle should come in 2016, and styling is modified for fuel-cell vehicles. These vehicles get a whole new, stunning look. Also, models based on FCV concept got boost with ultra-low carbon transportation. Spacious cabin for 5 passengers and new interior are highlights of the platform, which will be developed further by 2016.

NAIAS 2015 - FCV concept

NAIAS 2015 – Honda styling

Design of new vehicles could be changed. Honda could make wider cars for better aerodynamic. From what is seen on FCV platform, lines are cleaner. Inside, new materials could be used for better harmony. Designers will work hard to provide more space in the cabin for upcoming models. New additional hydrogen refueling stations are planned, but that depends on investments, and Honda announced they are ready to splash around $14 million in that purpose.

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