Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit

Car show in Las Vegas, also known as SEMA show, is the chance for all tuners and cars that are capable for tuning to show off. One of the models that stole this year’s show is 2015 Honda Fit. Many companies and factories were involved in modification of the hatchback, and among them, one model was highlight. It is Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit. The A.M.L. stands for Active Metropolitan Lifestyle. Performance is not so changed, while interior and exterior styling suffered many changes. For performance, new car got 2.5” steel exhaust pipes. Front brakes are also modified, with 4-piston calipers and 12.2-inch drilled and slotted rotors installed.

Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit

Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit – exterior changes

The 2015 Honda Fit has been converted to Kontrabrands Active Metropolitan Lifestyle vehicle with large number of modifications. If we start from outside, we see new color applied to the car. Also, bodywork is changed, On the front side we see new lip spoiler, and on the sides are installed new side skirts for JDM Fit. Of course, we must mention wheels, which are now SP1 in SBC (Super Black Coat) color. These are 18-inchers. The Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit also gets SSR GT forged lug nuts in red and FK453 tires, with dimensions 215/35-18. There are also rear mud guards on the back of the car.

Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit rear view

Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit – interior modifications

As its outside look, inside the 2015 Honda Fit Active Metropolitan Lifestyle we will see totally different vehicle than base model. Regular buyers couldn’t recognize the vehicle if they have just interior pictures of it. From dashboard, to seats and audio system, Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit have special touches wherever you look. Upholstery is especially made for this vehicle. Pedals are customized by Sparco, and Kontrabrands Fit is equipped with their Reflex SHRT pedal set.

Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit interior

Same company provided front seats, the R100 is a reclining model. Design Craft Fabrication has provided special addition, and it is their bicycle mounted with 2015 Fit A.M.L. From infotainment features, vehicle gets new audio system, with 2-way front and rear door speakers, micro size 4-channel full range amplifier and low-profile, 150W amplified subwoofer. Shifti knob is also customized and it will suit to any hand perfectly.

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