Jeep Wrangler Ax-5 Guidebook Transmission

Jeep AX-5 Guidebook Transmissions

Aisin Firm of Japan crafted a guidebook five-speed transmitting referred to as the AX5 transmitting. It was utilised mostly from the Jeep Wrangler and first-run XJ Cherokees.

The introduction of the transmission behind the two 2.8 V6 Cherokee for the very first time is at . Between and , it had been utilised behind the AMC (2.5L) 4cyl engine unit from the Wrangler.

The Jeep AX-5 guidebook transmission is mainly taken as light-duty.


The cast on the transmission is constructed of cast aluminum that has a cast-iron middle-adapter plate separating its front and rear parts. Its backside section provides the shifter performed by four bolts.

Its circumstance contains several ribbings for re-enforcement using the shifter occupying the on the assembly. With the ability to marry the switch scenarios of NP and NP using its twenty-one spline.

The output shafts include a flush stand out close the tail property in the trunk on the primary model. The difference made in may be the switching on the positive shaft time-span to half-inch.

There was an interior hydraulic throwout bearing assembly from the initially model until , with most jeep users complaining of leaking issues. An improvised trend surfaced for the slave cylinder in , using the cylinder set behind the bell property. Listed below are the proportions of the transmitting.


Knowledge shaft: 1 inches – splines that has a stick out amount of /2 inch

Pilot word of advice: . inch

Transmission case time-span: /8 inches

Tailhousing section: /8 inches

Total length with bell housing: .5 inches width

There’s a direct relation between your AX5 transmission plus some commonly used transmissions. Individuals who search salvage back yards commonly misidentify it.

An instant way to identify it really is by inspecting the knowledge shaft spline matter.


However, folks have been debating its sturdiness. It is transparent that its style is ideal for little horsepower motors and its own durability has merged results. A number of the stuff that may result in transmissions early loss are vehicle excess fat, tire size, routine service, and driving trend. Some drivers could actually kill plenty of AX5 transmissions in stock 4cycl while huge customers utilised it successfully for a long time in transplanted machines.


There are always a wide amount of engine and transmission choices for people having 4cyl Wrangler. The entire transmission case time-span is . inches, . inches width case.

The Output shaft includes a flush spline nearly the year , accompanied by a -inch stand out beyond the tail housing in & newer Jeeps.

Commonly, the coupling on the output shaft for an AMC 4 cylinder engine with an interior or external slave cylinder. There’s a have to have a fresh slave cylinder, P/N , with alternative mounting for the conversions bell housing.

The input shaft pilot tip size is . inch, along with a dowel pin position can be used for the bell property indexing into the transmission case.

There’s 1inch – spline over the input shaft on the AX5 thereby requiring a particular /2-inch clutch disc, P/N for each conversion.

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