Honda S660 Type R

As you probably know, new company’s roadster caller S660 was presented at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show. This concept was very well accepted and it is already considered as spiritual successor of legendary Honda Beat, which was produced in 90’s. Company already gave green light for serial production and lunch is expected in near future. Beside this model which is designed especially for Japanese market, company also plans to launch global version, which will feature bigger, probably 1.0 liter engine and much more power because it won’t have to strict to the Japanese Kei standards. Beside these two versions, it is also expected that company will launch a high-performance version called S660 Type R.

Honda S660 Type R front view

Honda S660 Type R specs

The Honda S660 Type R will be a performance version of S660. It will be based on the standard model, which means that it will use same platform and pretty much same look. However, this model will have its own, unique characteristics. It won’t feature just some minor tweaks and “type r” badges, it will come with slightly modified, sharper and more aggressive lines in order to emphasize its power. It will also come with some weight savings and it is expected that it will be around 200 pounds lighter than standard model, which will make big impact, when it is about performances. When it is about engine, Honda S660 Type R will come with same micro three-cylinder engine, which will be tuned up for this occasion. Instead of 64, this version will probably have an output of around 100 horse, which is an astonishing number if you consider that this engine have a displacement of just 660 cc. Since this variant will have much more power than standard model, much better performances are expected too. Standard model goes from 0 to 60 in 9 seconds, while top speed is around 135 mph.

Honda S660 Type R rear view

Honda S660 Type R production

Although there is still no official information, there are plenty of reports that say that company already gave green light both for S1000 and S660 Type R model, so we should expect it in near future. The price of standard model is expected to be around 25.000 dollars, so this high-performance model should cost few thousands more.

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