Honda revealed 2016 Ridgeline sketch

The first generation of Honda truck, Ridgeline, caused a lot of attention. However, company decided to give it a year off, so truck was not released for 2015. As it seems from this stance, first next model will be 2016 Ridgeline, and Honda revealed sketch of it. There is no too much information from these images, but it gives topic for thinking to all experts and fans. First feedbacks and thoughts are launched, and one thing is common – everyone expect instant sway in its segment.

2016 ridgeline sketch

2016 Ridgeline sketch design

Details couldn’t be seen on the 2016 Ridgeline sketch, but exterior lines and some details are enough to make image of the 2016 Ridgeline. First thing is sure – new truck is going to have different lines from its previous version. Information leaked that authors of that sketch are American designers of Honda vehicles, based in LA. The new Ridgeline is longer and higher. Roofline is longer, while front end and hood are rounded more than before. Overall shape is the same, although new windshake rake is obvious in darkened images.

2016 Ridgeline sketch cabin

It couldn’t be seen on the shadowed 2016 Ridgeline sketch, but experts are predicting what could be inside the new 2016 Ridgeline. It is very certain that vehicle will keep its 5-passenger layout. Handling was one of the highlights of previous models, so we expect nothing less. Bed-integrated trunk and tailgate which could be opened in 2-ways are featured again. It is not confirmed, but Ridgeline should get new infotainment system and upholstery could be improved. Safety is also boosted with new features.

2016 honda ridgeline

2016 Ridgeline powertrain

According to early, unconfirmed information, 2015 Ridgeline could get 3.5-l V6, capable to deliver around 250 hp. Its main function is towing, and these numbers should be improved comparing to predecessor. A 5-speed auto gearbox should help with it, while vehicle will come standard with 4×4 drive system. Mileage could be improved from current 17 mpg, but specifications were not released yet.

2016 Ridgeline competition and price

Main rivals of the 2016 Ridgeline will be Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. This small pick-up truck segment will be richer than before, so good competition will make carmakers to offer better vehicles. Base price of this redesigned Ridgeline is not known yet, but it shouldn’t rise too much from current $30.000 tag.

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