Honda FCV concept

New Honda FCV concept is being prepared for 2018 year, when first vehicles built on new platform should be launched. It brings new powertrains and a lot of new features. First of all, new hybrid combinations will be made, as well as plug-in hybrids. Honda announced there could be options with two or three engines combined in one hybrid vehicle. If that happens, these cars will be very close or even in par with fuel powered models.

Honda FCV concept front view

Honda FCV concept styling

Highlight of Honda FCV concept is spacious cabin and a lot of room for all, giving maximum comfort. It is projected to take 5 passengers. Driving range should be around 300 miles and refuel rate in 3 minutes. Wide body offers excellent aerodynamic. With clean lines and new colors, it should attract a lot of buyers. New FCV platform will be an upgraded Honda FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle.

Honda FCV concept - fuel

Honda FCV concept engines

It was announced that brand new engines will be developed for Honda FCV concept. First of all it will be 4-cylinder VTEC Turbo engines, with new Earth Dreams Technology powertrain. This will bring more fun to drive, with economical bonuses as new drivetrains will take less fuel. For additional cut in costs, new VTEC engines are going to be produced in Ohio, so all US buyers are going to pay less for all models built on FCV concept. Also, this unit is more environmental friendly, with battery-electric model producing less CO2. For later, Honda has planned to add two-engine hybrids, or even three-way variant, but that is still long shot for basic FCV platform.

Honda FCV concept interior view

Honda FCV concept release date

Next generation platform had its premiere at the biggest stage, at North American International Auto Show in Detroit. However, models build on this platform are not expected so soon. As we heard, first cars could be launched in 2016. It also depends on refueling stations and many other things, not just development of the Honda FCV concept. Cars that could be powered by new engines are Fit EV, Civic Hybrid and Civic Natural Gas, and also one sport car CRZ and Accord Hybrid.

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