Honda FCEV concept

This concept car was presented last November on the Los Angeles Auto Show and it gained mostly very positive critics. This five seat model, characterized by an ultra aerodynamic design, hints the company’s next-generation of fuel cell vehicles, which should inherit the FCX Clarity. It is expected that this kind of vehicle to enter into serial production somewhere in 2015.

Honda FCEV Concept

Honda FCEV concept design

The look of FCEV concept is in the same manner as car’s advanced technology. It has extremely futuristic design, which is characterized with ultra aerodynamic look. This model features a beautiful arched contour consisted of short hood and large roofline which are making a single sweeping curve. Beside big air openings in front, interesting thing about FCEV’s look is rear spoiler which is basically extended by a rear wheel covers. Interior of this car is expected to be also exciting like exterior. This vehicle is available to take five adult passengers and thanks to small powertrain, it is expected Honda FCEV concept to have very spacious and comfortable cabin.

Honda FCEV Concept

Honda FCEV concept engine

It is already known that Honda is a world leader in development of fuel cell vehicle, so it not a surprise that this company will introduce the first model that has fuel-cell powertrain packaged completely in the engine compartment. The new fuel stack has a power density of 3 kW per liter, which is a 60 percent increase. On the other side, complete storage is 33 percent smaller, compared to FCX Clarity concept. Although fuel stack will be significantly smaller, it will have very good performances. With an output of over 100 kW, with a range of over 300 miles and fantastic 3 minutes for refueling, all this looks very promising.

Honda FCEV Concept

Honda FCEV concept future

Although Honda’s spokesmen tell that the future of Honda FCEV concept is under question mark, we are pretty sure that this concept will enter serial production. Especially if you consider that company’s arch rival Toyota also has plans to release a fuel cell in next few years, it is clear that Honda needs this kind of a vehicle.

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