Honda Concept D

Although most of the car manufacturers try to “globalize” their lineup, there are always markets that request some specific design solutions. One of those markets is China. This country has the fastest-growing car market in the world so it isn’t wonder that all major manufacturers make some unique models in order to get better position. Because of all this, 2015 Shanghai Motor Show was full of models designed especially for this market. As one of the main players, Honda presented its offer.

Honda concept D front view

Honda Concept D specs

Honda Concept D was presented at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show and later also in India. This concept is a completely new, very unique vehicle. It was definitely one of the main attractions at the show. It is basically crossover, which probably uses the same chassis as HR-V, but features styling which is completely different from anything we have seen from Honda so far. This crossover looks extremely futuristic. It features front end which doesn’t suits to company’s design language at all. The Honda Concept D is characterized by massive chrome grille, beautifully-shaped headlights, the large bumper and the huge vents. The profile of the car is characterized by extremely large wheels and swooping roofline which ends in a coupe-like form. When it is about rear end, it completely follows car’s futuristic stance.

Honda concept D side view

There are C-Shaped LED taillights, the roof mounted spoiler and rear bumper which also features massive air openings. When it is about powertrain, company still keeps all of details as secret. However, since we noticed that Honda Concept D doesn’t feature exhaust tips, it is easy to presume that it will probably come electric-powered. Company also claims that this crossover will be far more advanced in terms of hi-tech features from anything we have seen on the Chinese market so far. This probably means that Concept D will be equipped with all of the drive-assistance, safety and entertainment technologies that company disposes at this moment.

Honda concept D rear view

Honda Concept D serial production

At this point, it is hard to predict when Honda Concept D will come as serial production model. However, it doesn’t look so far away at all. In any case, when it comes it will be a flagship crossover and definitely one of the most interesting models for the Chinese market.

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