Green light for new Honda S2000

In addition to the Honda NSX, another successful sports model from the history of this manufacturer should give its modern version. While the attention of fans of Honda sports car was directed towards a renewed model NSX, which is expected on the market in early 2015, in the company reviewed the implementation of the successor S2000 roadster. This model was successfully produced in the period 1999-2009. when it sold over 110,000 copies worldwide.

Green light for new Honda S2000

According to the latest information from the company Honda estimated that the market there is still enough interest in sports car such as a Honda S2000. The new Honda S2000 will be still some elements differ materially from its predecessors, as it will be coupe car,  not roadster as before, while the engine forward instead be positioned centrally.

Honda S2000 engine?

As the new Honda NSX successor to the Honda S2000 will also be a hybrid. The drive system is likely to consist of a modified version of fourcyclinders 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine that drives the new Honda Civic Type R and the electric motor, and will produce approximately 370 hp (272 kW). Power will be transmitted to the rear wheel by sedmobrzinskog gearbox with double clutch.

Honda S2000 interior

Honda S2000 – when can we expect

The new S2000 is supposed to be produced at Honda’s development center for high-performance vehicles in Ohio, where he will make and model NSX, and dealerships are expected in 2017. According to previous largest price will be around 42,000 euros.

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