China, in particular, has a lot riding on the midterms

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cheap canada goose uk elections when the president’s name is on the ballot. But if you’re an American overseas these days, you may be quizzed on what will happen in Tuesday’s midterms. and the Americas program at Chatham House, the London think tank. as well. Some countries that hoped for the election of Donald Trump two years ago are now wishing they hadn’t, and are rooting instead for a strong Democratic showing. China, in particular, has a lot riding on the midterms. Canada Goose Jackets Other countries, such as India, are less invested in the outcome of this election season. But no matter which party comes out on top Tuesday, the ramifications of the midterms will be felt around the world. cheap canada goose canada goose deals uk

canada goose In Western Europe, many people’s interest in Canada Goose sale the midterms is fueled by a deep concern that President Trump buy canada goose jacket seems to be turning his back on the trans Atlantic Alliance the collection of Western democracies and traditional American allies, including the United Kingdom and Germany. Among London’s intelligentsia, many want American voters to return at least the House of Representatives to the Democrats, Vinjamuri says, to try to check Trump’s power. canada goose

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“I think there’s a hope that the blue wave is real,” she says. midterms are seen in London policy circles as not just another election, but potentially a crucial indicator of the direction of the United States.

uk canada goose “If the Republicans do well, then across Europe, people will be thinking Trump is not just a passing phase,” says Bond, director of foreign policy at the Center for European Reform, a London based research organization. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Like Brexit proponents, Trump can’t stand the European Union, which he sees canadian goose jacket as a swamp of regulation that constrains countries and their businesses. In addition, Trump has spoken far more warmly about a free trade deal canada goose store with the United canada goose Kingdom than his predecessor, President Barack Obama. uk canada goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap The same cannot be said for China. Beijing probably hopes for a strong Democratic showing. In the run up to the 2016 presidential election, canada goose black friday sale the Chinese government was seen to favor Trump, in part because Hillary Clinton, as Obama’s secretary of state, had been a tough canada goose coats on sale critic of China’s human rights record. Chinese officials saw Trump as a canada goose clearance sale businessman with whom they could negotiate and who could be easily flattered. buy canada Canada Goose online goose jacket cheap

buy canada goose jacket If the Republicans do well, then across Europe, people will be thinking Trump is not just a passing phase. buy canada goose jacket

canadian goose jacket Things have buy canada goose jacket cheap not turned out as Beijing expected. This year, Trump launched a massive trade war against China, imposing tariffs on roughly $250 billion worth of Chinese goods, prompting businesses to begin to move supply chains elsewhere in Asia. China’s retaliatory tariffs have taken aim at products from largely Republican states. canadian goose jacket

canada goose factory sale Should the Democrats have a strong showing on Tuesday, weakening President Trump, it will force Trump to temper his approach, writes Chinese scholar Anson Au in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post: “Trump would have to change his approach to adopt a more moderate tone. midterm results may even be among the factors Beijing is watching before it announces a date for the Chinese Communist Party plenum, a key annual meeting. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose sale If countries such as China are watching the midterms closely because of the economic stakes, other nations, such as canada goose coats Kenya, are too caught up in their own political machinations to pay a lot of attention. midterms’ implications. Canada Goose sale

Canada Canada Goose Parka Goose Outlet At Jeevanjee Gardens, a public park in Nairobi, several on a recent day expressed support cheap Canada Goose for Trump. Robert Ireri, 54, said Americans should vote Republican in the midterms so Trump can continue his agenda. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose uk black friday “He is trying to tame the bullies all over the world,” said Ireri, such as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. canada goose canada goose outlet uk black friday

cheap Canada Goose Across the park, Purity Kamau, a 23 year old recent college graduate, said Americans should do whatever they can to rein in what she called Trump’s “racist policies.” cheap Canada Goose.

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