Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car

Las Vegas hosted another SEMA show this year. For all lovers of the tuned vehicles, this is the chance to spot new variations of already launched cars. This year, Honda Performance Development took the spotlight before others with few modified cars. In cooperation with Bisimoto team, they have shown two FIT versions, Turbo and Spec car. Both hatchbacks were upgraded, both in performance and design end. However, overall look of Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car is the same as for regular Fit model, and some additions shouldn’t cheat you from recognizing one of the most favorite Honda’s products.

Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car front view

Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car – design

Changes on the Bisimoto modified Fit is visible at first sight. You can’t miss new BuddyClub 17×7.5″ P1 racing wheels with Toyo R888 tires. Same company provided short shifter and racing coilover suspension system. Inside, as well as for Bisimoto Fit Turbo , this variation has same reservoir socks. Outside we see Denmatic design scheme, usual for Bisimoto team styling. There are also autowerks wrap, Honda genuine accessories and rhythms powdercoating, features that could be found in most vehicles shown at 2014 SEMA, not only in Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car.

Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car

Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car – performance

As well as other vehicles presented in SEMA show this year Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car has some modification on performance end. Output of regular hatchback is 130 hp. Thanks to various equipment, Bisimoto version of Spec car has higher level of horsepower, set at 151 according to some reports and rumors. Some other parts will help it perform better in races for which this car is tuned. First of all, Bisimoto team modified Fit Spec car for tracks with their exhaust pulse chamber and other parts, such as MLS Gasket and intake heat shielding gasket. Also, there are custom suspensions with new valves layout and aerospace derived automotive lubricants. Finally, comparing to regular model, Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car has iridium spark plug made by NGK, PurOl “Elite Series” synthetic motor oils and new coatings. Action 1MS clutch is installed for better driving impression.

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