This brand represents a luxury division of Honda Motor Company. Since it was founded in 1986, it represents a Honda’s division of luxury, performance and high-performance models. It was basically founded mainly for North American market, but nowadays it is presents also in counties like China, Hong Kong and Mexico. There were plans for Japanese market introduction too, but that introduction is delayed because of global financial crisis which started in 2008.

Acura logo


Acura was founded in 1986 after decade of research. To support new division, Honda opened new 60 dealerships in United States. Acura was the first luxury division of some Japanese automaker. Soon after that, Toyota and Nissan introduced their own luxury lines under the names Lexus and Infinity. The company decided to launch two models. One was the executive class model called Legend, while the other was Integra, the compact one. The sales of these models were great and Acura became one of the most popular luxury brands in the States. For example, only in 1990 this company sold over 138.000 vehicles, which was much more than Mercedes-Benz’s 78.000 or BMW’s and Lexus’s 64.000 units each. In 1990 Honda launched new model, which later became one of the company’s most iconic models of all time. It was NSX, the first Japanese sports car that was capable to compete Ferrari and Porsche models. This car was the first all-aluminum made sports car and it was praised both from the critics and ordinary people. However, in mid 90’s sales were going down so the company needed to make some big changes. Finally, sales jumped up during 2000’s so nowadays Acura is once again one of the key players on luxury cars market.

Acura logo

Acura slogans, marketing campaigns etc.

Acura was always known for its slogans. The current slogan is “advance”, which suppose to refer to the latest hi-tech innovations. This company is also known for its sponsorship deals. From 1995 to 2007 there were two tennis tournaments which were called Acura Classic. This company was also official car of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Current Acura models

The current line-up is consisted of two SUVs and three sedans. There is RDX as crossover SUV, MDX which is luxury SUV, compact sedan called ILX, TLX which is a mid-size luxury sedan and finally a flagship sedan called RLX, which is full-size sports car.

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