2018 Honda S1000

During 2013 Japanese carmaker presented their brand new concept of the roadster, called S660. However, it was offered just for market in its homeland. Since car had shown great capability and durability, it became popular among buyers, so Honda decided to launch it in other countries.  For this purpose, designers are preparing 2018 Honda S1000, which is going to be based on the same platform as S660. This is modern roadster, with open top and two-seat layout. Styling of two models are very similar, and major difference is in engine power.

2018 Honda S1000 front view

2018 Honda S1000 design

Modern and attractive, that is what we can conclude from first look at 2018 Honda S1000. Many new elements will be used made of lightweight materials. Front is dominated by big bumper and new grille with attractive headlights. Slim and long, these are offering sleekness and elegance. All buyers can choose between LED and HID lamps. Rear is sharper than for S660, especially taillights. Honda placed sport 19-inch alloy wheels on new S1000 for better aerodynamics and air flow.

2018 Honda S1000 engine

Current roadster is using 1.0-l 4-cylinder unit as its main power source. Engineers think it is not powerful enough so for upcoming 2018 Honda S1000 more powerful and bigger drivetrain is going to be installed under the hood. Boost from current 120 hp to 200 ponies, and torque level from 200 to 250 lb-ft will be able after 3.5-l i-VTEC V6 takes place in S1000. Gearbox mated to engine is automatic with 5 shifts. If older unit finds its spot in upcoming lineup, 6-speed transmission is more likely to happen there. There are still some discussions about driving system, and it is more likely that front-wheel drive is going to be used, rather than RWD, while AWD is optional. Top speed of the roadster is 130 mph and its acceleration is around 9 seconds.

2018 Honda S1000 interior

2018 Honda S1000 release date and price

New 2018 Honda S1000 won’t be out until second part of 2018. Priced at around $35,000, is a slight increase comparing to 2016 year roadster. Depending on engine, driving system and features list, it is going to be valued couple of grands more.

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