2018 Honda CR-Z

Well, this is a very interesting car. Although it is hard to say which segment of cars it belongs, company describes it as sport hybrid coupe. Although it is basically a hatchback, it has sporty 2+2 seat configuration, which powertrain comes in hybrid configuration. This model was originally launched in 2010, and it is based on Honda Fit. According to the latest reports, a second-generation model is about to come in 2017. It will come as 2018 Honda CR-Z and, unlike original model, it will be based on manly on new Civic. New model will come with new platform, new look and it will come with new petrol engine, in order to give more sportiness.

2018 Honda CR-Z front view

2018 Honda CR-Z specs

The 2018 Honda CR-Z will come completely redesigned. It will come totally different, compared to current model. Unlike original, it will now use Civic’s platform, which will feature slightly shorter wheelbase. When it is about car’s look, it will be much different. The 2018 Honda CR-Z will come with some revolutionary changes in its visual appearance. New model will be slightly bigger than current one. It will adopt modern design solutions of the company and most of the styling cues will be borrowed from NSX and new Civic Type R. There are even rumors that this model will be marketed as hi-performance version of the new Civic, but only in North America.

2018 Honda CR-Z side view

2018 Honda CR-Z engine

The 2018 Honda CR-Z will come with some big changes, when it is about powertrain. It is rumored that North American version will use a petrol engine instead current hybrid configuration. It will probably be a detuned version of turbocharged 2.0 liter VTEC engine that is used for Type R and which outputs around 280 horses. On the other side, Japanese version will remain as hybrid. However, it is still unknown will current configuration will remain or we will see something new in 2018 CR-Z. When it is about transmission, petrol version will come with 6-speed manual, while hybrids will use CVT.

2018 Honda CR-Z rear view

2018 Honda CR-Z release date

This model is still far away from its launch so it is hard predict more precise release date. However, there are some rumors that 2018 Honda CR-Z will had its debut at 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

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