2017 Honda Crosstour

Although Honda’s offer on SUV market is very rich, new vehicles are carefully planned for next couple of years. Among them is 2017 Honda Crosstour, and this vehicle could be out soon. Current model hadn’t achieved what was expected from it, and there were many defects on it. However, Japanese carmaker will offer another chance to its experiment as 2017 crossover, although some say that this car is more like wagon. Also, some things on it remind many on Accord, so some buyers were not happy with their SUV. Because of that, many improvements and changes are expected for new model.

2017 honda crosstour front view

2017 Honda Crosstour redesign

New 2017 Honda Crosstour could break its links with Honda Accord on the exterior appearance. First of all, expect taller model, which should ease the entering. Car could be longer, and that could lead to further changes on the interior. More space for passengers is predicted, as well as comfort. Some new features are going to be installed. For example, there will be Bluetooth and USB interface as a part of new HondaLink infotainment system. Audio system boost and probably some new gadgets will be installed inside the new 2017 Crosstour. All these stuff should help new SUV to reach expected sale records.

2017 honda crosstour rear view

2017 Honda Crosstour engine

Powertrain lineup for the 2017 Honda Crosstour is still unknown. However, a lot of work is to be done there, since bad handling and high consumption were some of the things on which buyers complained a lot. From this stance, engineers are trying to improve their 192 hp-rated 4-cylinder unit. Some rumors say that this drivetrain will be kept, but V6 could help for these users that want more power. Other engine could reach around 280 horses, amount which should satisfy even these most complicated and the most experienced users. Automatic gearbox, with 5 shifts will transfer power to front or all wheels. For higher trims, 6-speed transmission is going to be offered. Fuel efficiency boost is at must, and it is expected from all buyers that plan to buy Crosstour SUV again. Some electric assist systems should solve bad handling, but also add some more points to fuel economy. Nevertheless, from some sources we found out that 2017 Honda Crosstour could be released as hybrid.

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