2017 Honda CR-Z

Although first generation of the CR-Z had no expected impact, Honda is ready to give another go for this vehicle. However, second generation won’t be available for Europe-based buyers, so that shows that company pointed this area as non-profitable. Japanese and US buyers will enjoy new model, which is about to come as 2017 Honda CR-Z. This second chance should bring the sport car to new life.

2017 Honda CR-Z front view

2017 Honda CR-Z redesign

First appearance of CR-Z was in 2007, as a concept car. Back then, it was promising model, futuristic vehicle, which all car lovers would like to have. However, Honda gave up from idea to base its platform on the Fit model, so that could be one of the reasons of failure in first generation. Now, 2017 Honda CR-Z is going to take advantage of the same concept used by Civic, one of the best Honda’s products. Comparing to previous model, shorter wheelbase is expected. From first sight, you can see aggressive and attractive, sporty appearance. With many details still unknown, we will eagerly wait for premiere of the new 2017 CR-Z.

2017 honda cr-z interior

2017 Honda CR-Z engine

Sport class from Honda is becoming better and better. The Type-R model will now have sibling in this segment. Although cars are different, some things are to be shared. First thing expected from 2017 Honda CR-Z is to borrow engine from current Honda Type-R car. A four-cylinder 2.0-l turbocharged VTEC unit will be modified and carried over to new CR-Z. However, we expect less than 300 horsepower, which is output of Type-R model. Tuned units will have output over the mark. Nevertheless, company officially announced hybrid model of 2017 CR-Z. It will be combination of electric battery and 1.5-l petrol unit. An eight-speed transmission was confirmed, but outputs are still unknown for it.

2017 Honda CR-Z rear view

2017 Honda CR-Z release date

The 2017 Honda CR-Z sport car is heading to its second generation with a lot of hope for success. We learnt from some sources, that premiere of the concept model is planned for 2016. However, final product is expected to appear in dealership saloons early in 2017.

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