2017 Honda Clarity

What we can see as 2017 Honda Clarity could be seen at latest car show in Tokyo. Although there wasn’t unveiled too much, we could conclude that sedan is in final stages of development, and we could see it soon. The 2017 Clarity is not confirmed yet, but we think it is a matter of time when company is going to materialize their upgraded FCX concept launched in 2006. First models were made for some markets, since not all counties have their stations for fuel cell automobiles. For example, in US, vehicle was available only in southern California. Now, many years after its initial appearance, we are sure situation is going to be changed.

2017 Honda Clarity

2017 Honda Clarity fuel economy

The 2017 Honda Clarity is powered from V-Flow hydrogen fuel cell. It is 100 kW rated unit with regenerative braking, whose energy is restored from separate batteries. This hydrogen drivetrain can produce up to 175 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque. Performance numbers are not released yet, but we suppose new Clarity is going to sprint to 60 mph in under 10 seconds. Its main highlight is fuel economy, and 2017 year models should top last sedan’s 60 m/kg of fuel. With full tank, 2017 Clarity could go around 400 miles, although company officials are speaking about 434 miles, and US EPA testing have shown that sedan can achieve nearly 300 miles of range.

2017 Honda Clarity side view

2017 Honda Clarity fuel stations

Huge problem for 2017 Honda Clarity will be again bee fuel stations. California is main target for it, and its competitors, especially Hyundai Tucson FCEV, but there is also Toyota Mirai FCEV. Their main priority should be building more fuel stations for hydrogen cars. This process is very demanding, because of many policies, laws and restrictions in different countries around the globe. Honda is one of the most serious companies in this project, since it has already developed around 14 million dollars to speed up this process.

2017 Honda Clarity rear view

2017 Honda Clarity price

Although release date is unknown yet, we already know that new 2017 Honda Clarity is going to cost somewhere around $60,000. Beside its revolutionary concept, new sedan offers spacious and comfortable cabin and great fuel economy.

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