2017 Honda Civic

Honda Civic is one of the best selling models in US produced in Japanese carmaker’s plants. This model needs constant upgrades and fight against competition to hold its place. For 2016, company has prepared Type R model for all performance freaks, and for 2017 Honda Civic we have new redesign in plan. First of all, vehicle will be offered as coupe and traditional, sedan version. Model for 2016 will be somehow experimental since Europe is going to be home of its premiere, but year after that, Civic returns to country where they have the most buyers. It is expected to see 2017 Honda Civic for the first time in big car show in New York. Changes should be significant, but not radical, so for 2017 Civic comes as redesigned model. Few changes will get some upgraded features and systems from current and next models, while work about engine and that lineup is still unknown.

2017 Honda Civic front view

2017 Honda Civic redesign

Changes in exterior appearance are expected for 2017 Honda Civic. Since powerful drivetrain should be under its hood, body should express it with look. Aggressive and remarkable, but not changed too much from familiar look of sedan, should be seen on 2017 Civic. We need to wait some time to discover some more trusted information, but this is all we know so far. Probably greatest change is it in platform, since new car will use front wheels for drive as standard. This is surprise since it is known that most performance-tuned vehicles usually don’t use this system. Also, it is already said that 2017 Civic will be offered as sedan and coupe version.

2017 Honda Civic rear view

2017 Honda Civic engine

There are just few stories about powertrain range for 2017 Honda Civic. Official information are not released yet, and these will be available probably after the premiere of the car in New York in 2016. However, we suppose that Japanese automaker is planning to place powerful beast in the 2017 Civic. It could be their Earth Dreams engine with possible output up to 300 hp. It is 2.0-liter inline-four turbo engine. Fuel consumption is also one of the most important things for this models, and we expect big improvements. Also, do not be surprised if you see 2017 Honda Civic as hybrid when it arrives.

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