2016 Pilot debut at Chicago

After many rumors and gossips, it is finally confirmed – new 2016 Honda Pilot is going to debut at upcoming car show in Chicago. This is one of the long expected models, so all fans will be thrilled with these news. After few months of guessing and predicting, this information was officially confirmed from company spokesmen. This model was a bit late for the largest auto show in Detroit, but this could be better option since premiere of 2016 Pilot could steal the show in Chicago easier than in Motor city.

2016 Pilot debut at Chicago

2016 Pilot design

We eagerly wait for 2016 Pilot debut at Chicago car show. However, not too many details are known about this model. What we saw are few spy shots and there is a teaser image from Honda’s leaflet. There, we can see an incomplete silhouette, but enough to notice some changes. According to that image, new Pilot is different than previous models. Exterior is boxier, with some sweeping lines and obtuse angles. There are changes under the beltline, as it looks like SUV comes with new sheetmetal curves. Experts agreed that outer lines are similar to Ford Escape.

2016 pilot debut at chicago

2016 Pilot changes

All spectators of the 2016 Pilot debut at Chicago will have a chance to have a first peak into new SUV. First of all, new exterior lines are certain. These fans that followed evolution of the Pilot will spot changes on B and C pillars. Even darkened in the teaser photos, it is visible change. Also, same images tell that side mirrors could be refreshed. However, Honda was short with information about any further details on new Pilot.

2016 pilot vs 2016 honda crv

2016 Pilot spyshots

Spy photographers were lucky enough to shot first images of new Pilot. So, we can predict what to expect at 2016 Pilot debut at Chicago. Even under heavy camouflage, we can see new lights and similarity in outer lines with Honda CR-V. Also, same grille could mean that all SUV class could have same or similar solution. Overall size should be near, with cabin having three rows of seats. Also, from shown pictures, we assume there will be enough room inside the cabin for all passengers.

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