2016 Honda S660

Honda decided to start production of S660 model which will be the name of the attractive two-seat roadster, based on EV-STER concept car. The car will be manufactured in Yokkaichi assembly, just like Beat was.

2016 Honda S660 tribute to Honda Beat

Honda S660 was introduced last year in 2013 Tokyo Auto Show. This concept is part of company plans to complete Honda’s sports car line up. It is a mini roadster which irresistibly reminds on Honda Beat, which was hugely popular in 90’s. When its production ended in 1996, it was expected that its successor will see daylight very soon. However, many years have passed and there was no Beat’s successor. There were different versions of stories about new mini roadster, one of them was that new model will be in a mid-size engine range, but in 2009 Honda finally announced that there are plans for new model which will have around 660 cc. Several years after, we are finally meeting new Honda’s entry-level roadster.

2016 Honda S660

2016 Honda S660 specs

Although new 2016 Honda S660 will be very small sports car, it is expected to have excellent performances. Do not let be fooled with its 3-cylinder 660 cc engine and with its modest power of 64 horses. This car will have extra light weight, so it will be able to go from 0 to 60 in only 9 seconds and it will have an estimated top speed of 136 mph. Because of it light construction, it is expected 2016 S660 to have excellent handling, which will be significant contribution to car’s overall performance.

2016 Honda S660

2016 Honda S660 competition, release date and price

Well, there is no too many cars of this type on the market, although many automakers announce the entry to the small sports roadster market. For now, probably the only competitor of 2016 Honda S660 will be Mazda MX-5 which has very good results in sales in past few years because of lack of competition. It is expected 2016 Honda  S660 will be ready for serial production next year, which means that it will be available on the market probably in late 2015. Estimated price for this model is around 25.000 dollars.

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