2016 Honda S1000

The history of Honda’s roadsters, also called the S series, begun in 1963. During all these years, there were several models in production like S500, S600, S800, S2000 etc. The last-mentioned ended its production so nowadays there is no car of this type in company’s offer. However, it is well-known that company presented a concept called S660 at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, and its serial production is expected in near future. Based on this car, Honda also develops a model that will be offered outside Japan. Its arrival is expected somewhere in 2016, so we will call it 2016 Honda S1000.

2016 Honda S1000 front view

2016 Honda S1000 specs

The 2016 S1000 is expected to come next year. This roadster will be heavily based on S660 and the only main difference will be under the hood. As you probably know, Japanese S660 model will be powered by 660 cc three-cylinder engine, in order to meet country’s “Kei” car standards. This engine has an output of 64 hp, and company plans to install some bigger and more powerful engine in the models that will be offered outside Japan. It will be a 1.0 liter engine, that is also planned for new Civic, which will have an output of 138 horses.

2016 Honda S1000 side view

Since this car weights only 2000 lbs, this amount will definitely provide astonishing performances, so expect much better results than S660-expected 9 seconds from 0 to 60, and 135 mph of top speed. When it is about 2016 Honda S1000 look, it won’t be much different from what we saw on S660. It will be based on the EV-STER Concept car, so expect to see similar, very futuristic design.

2016 Honda S1000 release date, price and competition

For now, this car is nothing more than a rumor, so it is worthless to speculate about possible launch date. However, according to the latest reports, company gave green light for this model, so production should start next year.

2016 Honda S1000 rear view

When it is about price, experts predict that 2016 Honda S1000 will go somewhere around 25.000 dollars. When it is about competition, there are practically no cars of this type on the market. Probably the only model that could eventually be considered as competitor is Mazda MX-5, although it features much bigger, 1.5 liter engine.

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