2016 Honda Pioneer 700

Off-road vehicle perfect for weekend fun outdoors, that is what 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 and 700-4 will offer to all their buyers. All you expect from UTV vehicle is going to be found in this model. This lineup of Honda’s vehicles was introduced in 2014, but now comes much improved, with many new features, and a Pioneer 700-4 model. Although it is not big, this vehicle can tow superior amount of carriage and also offers smooth ride. All in all, this is one great versatile vehicle which is going to offer joy to all who rides it.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 drive

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 engine

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 will be powered from four-stroke single-cylinder unit. Exact numbers are not confirmed yet, but this UTV vehicle will have plenty of torque and horsepower. The 675cc liquid-cooled drivetrain has reduced vibration because it is rubber-mounted. The 700-4 model has additionally fuel injection system that makes start of the vehicle ease, even on cold weather. Transmission is same for both models, heavy-duty automatic transmission with three hydraulic clutches. It features two-stage shift map. With it, Pioneer 700 can optimize power.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 mark

2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 model could be upgraded from base model with many new features, such as 2-piece folding poly windscreen, for increased air flow. It can also be made of optical grade polycarbonate, which allows easy installation, or quick removal. Three types of light clamps are available, with 38mm, 41mm or 44mm. Door panels can be chosen from various options. Also, widescreen glass could be installed on windshield. On the back, you can put Bed extender to add bad space; Cab frame cargo bag, made of durable UV treated polyester; or Rear cab net, for best airflow and easy installation or removal.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 price

Pricing of the new models hasn’t been released yet. Comparing to previous models, base vehicle of 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 will cost from $10.500. The Pioneer 700-4 is equipped with more features, so its starting price is higher, and this model can be found for $12.000. Also, there are various upgrades for both models, so both UTVs could reach significantly higher price.

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