2016 Honda Pioneer 500

The 2016 Pioneer 500 is a smallest SxS vehicle in new lineup with Pioneer 700 and 1000. However, it is great concept – excellent off-road model, with room for one passenger. It has excellent off-road performance, so it is not hard to get anywhere with it. One of many advantages is that new model is narrower than before, fits all trails and it is easy to control. New Pioneer 500 doesn’t lack any major and important feature, so it is really hard to find any complaint on it.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 front view

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 features

Although it is compact SxS, 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 has big carrying capacity. Steel bed can carry up to 1000 pounds, and it is still flexible and vehicle with superb handling. Ground clearance of 9.6 inches gives enough space for off-road driving. Add 5.9 inches of suspension travel, and you will be sure these words are true. This suspension gives a lot of fun with sport and smooth ride. Another important thing for UTV vehicles is entrance. For 2016 Pioneer 500, it is so smooth with standard doors and occupant net. This net swings aside automatically, that makes entry easy. Seats are make bench-style, with individual backrests and seatbelts.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 interior

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 engine

Under the hood of the 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 is fuel-injected 500-class drivetrain. It is mated with five-speed beltless transmission with excellent compression braking. Driver can switch gears from steering wheel, which makes driving more enjoyable. With liquid-cooling, many advantages are gained. First of all, powertrain life will be longer. Then, it is more consistent and offers more power comparing to engines cooled with air. You can easily switch between 2WD for better handling, or 4WD, for maximized traction.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 rear view

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 price and options

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 500 is available in two color options, red or metallic blue, while third color is Honda’s Phantom Camo. Fuel capacity is 3.96 gallons, and there is 1.1 gallon reserve. Price for new 2016 Pioneer 500 shouldn’t go higher than $8.700 without additional features. However, all buyers can tune their SxS vehicle for maximum pleasure.

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