2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

Outdoor vehicles from Honda’s 2016 models have big refreshment. However, among all UTV vehicles, the biggest, the best is the 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. Made for off-road fun, this Pioneer has all you need for enjoy. You can go with it wherever you want, hills, forests or canyons. This is one of the most powerful SxS models that has ever been launched, and it is not just comfortable, it also has excellent handling and steering. Nevertheless, new 2016 Pioneer 1000 can tow a ton in its bed. Add few more things, like, newest technology used for many systems, transmission and other. There is a long list of stuff that make this UTV so great.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 drive

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 engine

For Side-by-Side vehicle, its 999cc twin-cylinder engine is very powerful. Drivetrain for 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 is largest in class. It is liquid-cooled inline-twin, with some unique features developed by Honda, such as Unicam cylinder-head design. This accessory offers boost for output for motocross bikes, so it should add some more power to Pioneer 1000 engine. Another great feature is that driver picks a 2WS or 4WD mode easily while driving. Also, dual-range transmission improves traction, which is one of the most important things wits UTV vehicles. Both suspensions are independent.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 side view

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5

If 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 is one of the best models in the class, tuned version, the 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 is the best SxS vehicle that has been offered recently. It uses same drivetrain, but it is boosted to give more power and torque. Although it uses liquid-cooling, 2016 Pioneer 1000-5 has engine air intake on its hood that provides clean air to the engine under tough conditions. Using new filters, it gives durability to this model. Transmission is special for this SxS. It exploits automatic DCT gearbox with 6 gears and reverse. A Pioneer 1000-5 also has three modes of drive – auto, manual and sport, giving extra options with two gearing ranges, high or low.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5

2016 Pioneer 1000 prices

The base model, 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 is cheaper than tuned version. Pricing of the both models is not unveiled yet, but we expect to find it out very soon. This is the first year of production, so comparison to other models could be confusing. However, you can expect it to go over $15.000 for base, without some extra equipment, and closer to $20.000 for 2016 Pioneer 1000-5 model.

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