2016 Honda Pilot release date

With still 2015 year model fresh, fans and enthusiasts started to ask when 2016 Honda Pilot will be released. Redesign was announced for current model, but nothing big happened, so all eyes are now at next SUV and 2016 Honda Pilot release date. We don’t have confirmation for new model, but experts predict that larger changes were delayed for next model.

2016 Honda Pilot release date

2016 Honda Pilot premiere

From what we heard, new Pilot could debut by the end, or even in mid-2015. The 2016 Honda Pilot release date is not definite, since company is working on its development and final touches. However, since this is important vehicle for Japanese carmaker, it is very certain that will debut at some of the big car shoes in pointed time. However, without any official confirmation about changes and even production, 2015 Pilot could bring another big disappointment. But, we doubt in this story, since this company can’t fail twice in short period of time.

2016 Honda Pilot changes

Even without clear 2016 Honda Pilot release date, we could predict what will be offered with SUV. We expect the same engine, slightly modified and updated. That means probably very similar specifications and outputs comparing to current vehicle. On the styling side, we expect big changes and larger redesign. First of all exterior is old now and few new lines are at must for company designers. Also, we are sure that new wheels will be used. Lighter materials have been used more and more, so if new 2016 Pilot goes that way, we can expect it lighter and more efficient. With aluminum and carbon-fiber, vehicles don’t lose on performance. Also, interior could be changed. Features will be updated, especially hi-tech equipment. We are sure that Honda will upgrade their infotainment system and that latest is going to be installed in 2016 Honda Pilot.

2016 Honda Pilot

2016 Honda Pilot release date and price

Nevertheless, it could happen that 2016 Honda Pilot release date will be delayed for early 2016. That means car show in Detroit will be the most probable destination for 2016 Honda Pilot debut. Current, 2015 year model cost from $31.000, and expect 2016 year model to start with slightly higher price tag.

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