2016 Honda PCX150

One of the most exciting bikes at this moment will be 2016 Honda PCX150, according to current model. For new model, company will prepare more surprises as new features are expected. Price is going to be excellent comparing to what Honda PCX150 is offering. Al the riders that were thrilled about it before, will now have more reasons to love it.

2016 Honda PCX150 side view

2016 Honda PCX150 design

From 2016 Honda PCX150 we expect many changes. First of all, it is outside look. Some new lines will make this model appear as totally different bike, but it is almost the same as previous models. This scooter will fulfill all needs of entire younger population, to whom is the Honda PCX150 dedicated. It is urban motorcycle with great mobility and handling, even in streets with heavy traffic. From changes applied to new model, we are sure that new LED lightning is coming, on both ends. Modern accessory is the telephone charger installed on AC connector, where phone battery could be charged in the move. Two color options are available for new model of Honda PCX150 motorcycle. There will be bikes with metallic dark and pearl white color scheme.

2016 Honda PCX150 colors

2016 Honda PCX150 features

As the most of the Honda bikes, this model also has powertrain with fluid cooling. It is 153 cc unit, which is mated to V-matic transmission. This scooter is made to perform almost the same at every kind of climate condition. One great minus is its fuel tank, which is capable to take 2.1 gallons of gas. New feature on the 2016 Honda PCX150 is its instrument board, with LCD clock and gauges. Also, seat position is changed, and now it is at 540 mm.

2016 Honda PCX150 rear view

2016 Honda PCX150 price

When it appears, somewhere in the beginning of the next year, the 2016 Honda PCX150, will be one of the most attractive motorcycles in market. With a price of around $3.500, it will be one of the most wanted models if you compare price to the things it offers. We still wait for exact or close date of launching to be unveiled, as well as for more details about new 2016 PCX150.

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