2016 Honda Insight

New Honda hybrid vehicle will be presented as 2016 Insight. It is going to be sibling of the Prius, which is proven, and one of the best rated hybrids nowadays.  We expect similar features. First comes first, powertrain system should be carried over. Also, some styling solutions will be the same. We are sure that latest tech equipment will be installed and that should make a good start and nice advantage among competition. Last Honda Insight was removed from markets in 2014, so there won’t be huge similarities between old and new car.

2016 Honda Insight front view

2016 Honda Insight hybrid

The 2016 Honda Insight will be pure hybrid vehicle. It is one thing that is sure, but options which will engineers use are not so. However, there are two views what could be installed under Insight’s hood. First is carry over from Honda Fit. This vehicle uses 1.5-l Atkinson petrol unit, mated to CVT transmission and paired with electric battery. This combination could be improved and used for 2016 Insight. Boosted fuel economy could make this car go over 40 mpg. Estimated output is around 140 hp. Other option is new engine, a 1.3-l gasoline unit, with more power from electric battery. A 7-speed transmission is paired with hybrid, and mileage is better than first choice, as 45 mpg are predicted for this option.

2016 Honda Insight side view

2016 Honda Insight redesign

Comparison to previous model on interior parts is ridiculous. From available press releases, we can notice that Accord styling could be recognized. Some quality materials will be used for accents and control panel. Leather is used on steering wheel and shift knob. Infotainment will be shown on 8-inch screen, and satellite navigation will be available at higher trim levels of 2016 Honda Insight. Outside, vehicle will get new, aggressive lines. Civic platform is going to be matrix for 2016 Insight.

2016 Honda Insight rear view

2016 Honda Insight release date and price

The 2016 Honda Insight will be launched on markets during 2016. Since there is no many information about it, it is unlikely that that could be done in early months. Insight’s premiere could happen closer to mid-2016. Price is predictable, and experts set their thoughts at $17.000 for base cars.

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