2016 Honda HR-V SLF

Original Honda HR-V was a mini SUV and it was produced from 1998 to 2006. After eight years of brake, company decided to use this nameplate once again. This time it will be a subcompact crossover. New model debuted at the 2014 New York Auto Show as a concept car, while production model was presented same year at the LA Auto Show. It rides on the same platform as new Fit, called Honda Global Small Car platform.

2016 Honda HR-V slf front view

This all-new model shares most of characteristic with Vezel, which is some kind of Japanese version of this subcompact crossover. It is powered by 1.8 liter SOHC iVTEC 4-cylinder which is paired with CVT. One of the most interesting things about this new model is one special edition trim level, which is designed as some kind of a company’s response to new global “selfie” phenomenon. It will come later this year and it will be called 2016 Honda HR-V SLF.

2016 Honda HR-V SLF specs

Honda decided to offer one special trim level, especially designed for young drivers, who are addicted to new global phenomenon called selfie. The 2016 HR-V SLF will have pretty much the same characteristics like other variants of this all-new model, but with one big difference. This crossover will feature 10 selfie cameras through the vehicle, so all those addicts will be able to capture every important moment from many angles.

2016 Honda HR-V slf rear view

This cameras come could be considered as some kind of additions to the multi-angle rearview camera, which comes as standard feature on all new Honda cars. All other characteristics won’t be different from a “standard model”. The 2016 Honda HR-V SLF will be equipped with new infotainment system, which includes features like Pandora, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite-linked navigation system and also company’s HondaLink system that connected to a smarthphone, features digital hub, so people can stay connected. Mechanical aspect of the car will be identical to “standard” models.

2016 Honda HR-V slf interior

2016 Honda HR-V SLF release date and price

The exact date of launch is still unknown, but it is expected that 2016 Honda HR-V will come later this summer. The price is still unknown.

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