2016 Honda CRV redesign

The CRV crossover is one of the most popular vehicles that Honda produces. It is also one of the top models in SUV range, so a lot of attention is turned to 2016 Honda CRV redesign. With that model, the fourth generation of the vehicle starts and according to early interest, there is big expectation from it. However, all fans and enthusiasts shouldn’t be disappointed with 2016 Honda CRV redesign, according to early information. Not only exterior, but also cabin will suffer some modification.

2016 Honda CRV redesign

Also, powertrain options should be refreshed with new engines. This is a clear sign that Honda is trying to establish this SUV as one of the best models in the class, and since they rarely fail, we expect huge interest for 2016 Honda CRV.

2016 Honda CRV redesign – styling

The 2016 Honda CRV redesign changes could be seen everywhere. Starting from outside, the SUV gets new cover and shapes. It will be recognizable, but still with a lot of new stuff. Front bumpers and headlights are highlights of redesign for 2016 Honda CRV. Also, new 17-inch alloy wheels decorates exterior of the crossover. Truck door are also new.

2016 Honda CRV redesign

Luxurious and elegant interior design is waiting in the cabin. Many new features for comfortable ride, including latest hi-tech features and systems will be installed. The 2016 Honda CRV redesign adds more space inside, both for passengers and cargo. Joy of the ride is also boosted with soft and finest materials used for upholstery.

2016 Honda CRV redesign – engine

Few different options will be part of the powertrain range for 2016 Honda CRV redesign. Base models in Europe gets 1.6-l i-VTEC engine with 118 hp and 145 lb-ft of torque. More powerful drivetrain will be 2.0-l i-VTEC which delivers 148 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. Main change for European 2016 CRV redesign models will be 2.2-l i-VTEC drivetrain.

2016 Honda CRV redesign

This engine produces 150 hp and 220 lb-ft. On the other side, redesign of 2016 Honda CRV for US market will carry over 2.4-l four-cylinder engine called Earth Dreams, but this will be upgraded to deliver 200 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque. All engine options are mated to dual-clutch gearbox and power is distributed to either front or rear wheels, as buyer decides.

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