2016 Honda CRF450X

The X models of Honda CRF lineups are the most exciting and buyers are always looking to buy these. That is because these bikes are great for tough grounds and their off-road capability can’t be matched. This 2016 Honda CRF450X has a bigger engine than motorcycles of F series from same manufacturer. The CRF450X is a leader in this segment, being also bigger from other X series engine from CRF.

2016 Honda CRF450X side view

2016 Honda CRF450X drivetrain

Engine for the 2016 CRF450X is a 449 cc Unicam powertrain with fluid cooling. Its single- and double-overhead-cam designs has four-stroke motor with single barrel and drag-stroke proportion 96 mm with 62 mm. It is ready to produce 45 hp and 32 lb-ft of torque. Transmission has 5 shifts, making the rider easier to control bike in different terrains. Dimensions are almost ideal with 58.3-inches wheelbase. Motorcycle weights just 269 lbs.

2016 Honda CRF450X design

The 2016 Honda CRF450X is pretty similar as the previous model. Same red color is the only option, with white cover and tail, and forks on the bike brilliant as before. Seat is adjustable since rider can modify it, and there is a lot of room between gas tank and tail. Level of the seat is at 38 inches on the beginning. Handlebar is elastic because of the aluminum Renthal is installed to hel the rider at different types of terrains.

2016 Honda CRF450X rear view

2016 Honda CRF450X accessories

On the front part of the 2016 Honda CRF450X there is a 80 mm wide tire on the 21-inch wheel. On the back is 18-inch wheel with 110 mm tire. Brakes have 240 mm plate and twin-cylinder caliper. On the 47 mm Showa cartridge fork is front suspension. There are 16-position bounce back and clamping damping movability. Travel is 12.4-inches. Clamping damping change is divided and could be picked low and rapid mode, with 17-position bounce back damping movability.

2016 Honda CRF450X price

The 2016 Honda CRF450X has the largest engine among F and X series of CRF bikes. It makes its price start from $8.440. With all additional features installed, price is around $8.750.

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