2016 Honda CRF450R

The 2016 Honda CRF450R received slight changes for new model. Its overall dimensions are changed with new pneumatic spring forks. However, we will get a boost in performance. Steering is upgraded, stability and handling are better and damping rates are changed. This model will offer a lot, as always, since its launch in 2002. Power which is easily controlled and balanced are the reasons why many riders don’t need too much time to fall in love with CRF450R.

2016 Honda CRF450R drive

2016 Honda CRF450R engine

Same as for previous model, engine that powers 2016 Honda CRF450R is 449cc unit. Last year it got significant boost in power and torque, so engineers in Honda decided not to spend too much on further develop. However, it offers again smooth delivery and high amounts of output and rpm rate. It affects on better cornering and turning at higher rpm rates and less gear switching. However, this bike delivers 55 hp at 9.000 rpm at and 35 lb-ft f torque at 7.000 rpm. Performance of the bike is improved with 4-valve Unicam cylinder head. Also, exhaust system is excellet and provides smoother ride.

2016 Honda CRF450R side view

2016 Honda CRF450R redesign

New on this bike is LED taillight. Compact light is integrated into rear fender. Comfort and visual styling are boosted with aluminum Renthal handlebar. Electric start provides easy starting, no matter if it is hot or cold weather. Position of the seat is superb, with legs coming to narrowest part of the frame. Titanium intake valves boost both styling and performance. Made of top quality material, it will make your 2016 Honda CRF450R durable and consistent. Rear wheels are 18-inchers, with lightweight rear hub. It also has lightweight spoke nipples and 240mm brake for both wheels.

2016 Honda CRF450R rear view

2016 Honda CRF450R drive modes

There are total of three drive modes for 2016 Honda CRF450R. First, mode 1 is standard mode. It is balanced between ignition and fuelling maps to offer best power to torque ratio. Other, mode 2 is for mud and other similar, wet conditions. Throttle controls are boosted to give perfect handling. The last, but not the least important, mode 3 is made for sand, giving maximum power to new 2016 CRF450R. Mode 2 and 3 can be also tuned with HRC settings.

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