2016 Honda CRF150R

Compact class of dirt bikes will have new representative from Honda’s factories. It is not going to be brand new model, but with many updates, 2016 Honda CRF150R will be real refreshment on the market. It is one of the best performers in mini class, with four-stroke engine and many new Honda technologies. What is also interesting, this bike comes in two versions, because Expert model will be launched for experienced riders. Among differences, there are bigger wheels or longer swingarm.

2016 Honda CRF150R front view

2016 Honda CRF150R engine

Powerplant used for this compact bike is based on engine used for other, bigger models of CRF lineup. It is Unicam powerplant which could be found at CRF450R or CRF250R motorcycles. It is149cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder unit, with 66mm and 43.7mm bore and stroke dimensions. It uses 4-valve train. Intake measures 26 mm and exhaust 22.5 mm. Close-ratio five speed is standard transmission both for 2016 Honda CRF150R and CRF150R Expert models. Driving and handling are additionally boosted with Pro-Link rear-suspension system that includes adjustable shock. It absorb bumps and controls wheels better.

2016 Honda CRF150R rear view

2016 CRF150R redesign

Standard model of 2016 Honda CRF150R comes with 52.3-inch wheelbase and comfortable seat. Styling of the 2016 CRF150R is not too much changed from previous models, so most of the dimensions are the same, such as seat position and ground clearance. Only one color is available on the bike and it is red. Larger front wheel and new disc brakes should provide not only visual improvement, but also on the performance end.

2016 Honda CRF150R mark

2016 Honda CRF150R expert

The 2016 Honda CRF150R and 2016 CRF150R Expert models are very same vehicles, but there are some changes which are going to have effects for experienced riders. First of all, Expert model has bigger wheels, with 19-inchers on front and 16-inch wheel back, comparing to 17/14 pair on regular model. Also, Expert variation is bigger, with larger gap between seat and ground. From this is clear that two bikes are made for different users. While regular model is used by beginners, Expert can be rode by advanced riders.

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