2016 Honda CRF150F

The 2016 Honda CRF150F is made for younger population, which are looking for mid-size off-road bike, with excellent performance. Comparing to bigger model, Honda CRF230F, this model is shorter, narrower and lighter, but still can produce great performance. It is also equipped with many same features. Handling is easier, since it is not so big model, but it still doesn’t lack power and torque. New Honda CRF150F is made for users of all levels of knowledge, from begginers to experienced off-road lovers.

2016 Honda CRF150F

2016 Honda CRF150F engine

This motorcycle is coming with smaller drivetrain than bigger models of F and X series. A 149 cc engine with one cylinder and 4 strokes is giving power to 2016 Honda CRF150F. It is not so big, so liquid cooling is not necessarily, so air-cooled engine is enough. A CDI ignition and compression ratio at 9.5:1 will additionally boost performance. Five-speed transmission is mated to engine on this model, while wide ratio wasn’t offered with it. Complete driving system offers excellent durability and reliability that all riders want. Also, handling on various kinds of terrains is superb.

2016 Honda CRF150F front view

2016 Honda CRF150F redesign

This bike is a mid-sized with its wheelbase length of 52.3 inches. However, seat is very comfortable, being placed at 32 inches high. As for other models from Honda’s CRF lineup, 2016 Honda CRF150F has 1.9 gallon gas tank installed. Also, this motorcycle is offered in only one color – red. Ground clearance of 10 inches is enough for good ride on different terrains. From new features, exhaust tips were revisited, but 2-valve tips are kept. Front wheel is larger than rear, with 19-inch tires comparing to 16-incher placed on the back. Front suspension is 35mm Showa fork, while on the back side is placed Pro-Link single-shock suspension.

2016 Honda CRF150F side view

2016 Honda CRF150F release date and price

The 2016 Honda CRF150F, as a smaller model, will be launched earlier than bigger, full-sized bikes from CRF segment. However, just a couple of months are taking a part for all fans, until this bike will be sent to dealerships. According to latest information from Japanese company, new Honda CRF150F comes in August with value of $3.700 for base model.

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