2016 Honda CRF125F

New lineup of Hondas motocross bikes is more than exciting. In year 2016 all fans will have a chance to see various models. From big to small motorcycles, for all ages, probably the most fitting for all is 2016 Honda CRF125F. It is versatile bike with great handling, excellent performance and attractive price. It comes out during 2015, as 2016 year model, so there is no too much time left for fans to wait.

2016 Honda CRF125F

2016 Honda CRF125F engine

Powertrain installed in 2016 CRF125F is 125 cc single-cylinder and air cooled unit with four strokes. Push start is main features, which is a highlight of this lineup from Japanese manufacturer. Four wheel transmission is paired with engine. There is also another variation, 2016 Honda CRF125F Big Wheel, but this trim level has the same specification as regular model.

2016 Honda CRF125F side view

2016 Honda CRF125F big wheel

Since there is no difference in powertrain between regular and Big Wheel model, there are some styling features which are not the same at these two trims of 2016 Honda CRF125F. The name of the variation says a lot of it, it has bigger wheels than base vehicle. Big Wheel has 19- and 16-inch wheels installed on front and back, while dimensions on regular model are 17 and 14 inches. Also seat height is increased fir about two inches. Mutual to both bikes are electric start and same transmission. As other CRF motorcycles for 2016, the Honda CRF125F is also offered with single color option, red. Wheelbase for the CRF125F Big Wheel is longer for 1.4 inch, comparing to 48 inches of base bike. Also, it is heavier than regular CRF125F, with 194 pounds, two more than mentioned model. As seating position is higher, the ground clearance is for Big Wheel has two additional inches more.

2016 Honda CRF125F

2016 Honda CRF125F release date and price

Both 2016 Honda CRF125F and Big wheel are going to appear during April in 2015, but as 2016 year model. Starting price for base model will be from $2.800. You guess, slight design modification will make difference in price for CRF125F Big Wheel, with $500 gap, and price tag of $3.200.

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