2016 Honda Civic Type R debut in Geneva

Beginning of the March is part of the year when attention of all the car fans are pointed to Geneva, at one of the largest car shows in Europe. This is the place where many new vehicles have been presented, and so it will be this year. The 2016 Honda Civic Type R debut in Geneva is expected to bring many enthusiasts there. This is one of the most favorite vehicles in US, so it won’t be strange to see a lot of Americans there.  However, this will be the premiere of final prototype, and final version is about to arrive in few months. After more than a year of waiting, we are finally approaching close to the moment when new Type R is going to debut.

2016 honda civic type R front view

2016 Honda Civic Type R engine

Under the hood of the 2016 Honda Civic Type R, which is about to debut at Geneva Motor Show, we will find 2.0-liter i-VTEC turbocharged engine. This vehicle can develop up to 276 hp, and with some additions, probably closer to 300 horses. Front wheel drive is standard, which is going to be big disappointment to all fans, since they expected AWD, since new Focus RS, one of the major competitors, has it in its offer. Maximum speed is going to be 167 mph, which is the fastest speed among front-wheel driven cars in segment.

2016 honda civic type R side view

2016 Honda Civic Type R aerodynamic

Some of the features were announced, and Honda have shown new 2016 Honda Civic Type R in few pictures. However, new car is aggressive, with great aerodynamic, which will boost performance and look. It also gives great stability at high speeds and big downforce.  For additional boost of aerodynamics, 2016 Civic Type R has flat underside aids airflow. With rear wings and new lines, it gives substantial amount of downforce and security on the road.

2016 honda civic type R rear view

2016 Honda Civic Type R wheels

From what we have seen on the teaser images, front splitter and deep side skirts are refreshed. Bumper is new and it will also give some boost to aerodynamic. Brembo brake package is installed on 19-inch alloy wheels. This is unique combination, made just for 2016 Honda Civic Type R.

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