2016 Honda Accord

It is needless to say anything about Honda Accord’s reputation. Accord proved itself for many years as one of the best-selling and most reliable cars in its class. Simply it is one of the best mid-size sedans around. However, Honda engineers are well known for their tireless efforts in improvement of this model for every year, so we have big expectations for 2016 Honda Accord year model.

 2016 Honda Accord

2016 Honda Accord redesign

Although 2015 year model will undergo significant changes in design, 2016 Accord will also undergo some changes, especially for the U.S. market. Exterior will be refreshed in several aspects. The 2016 Honda Accord will get new more aggressive and more attractive look. Head and taillights will probably remain the same, but there will be some new-designed rims and also new color options. Interior won’t be too much changed, compared to 2015 year model, but will have some cosmetic changes. Also there is a possibility 2016 Honda Accord to get a bigger show screen or an enhanced dash panel.

 2016 Honda Accord

2016 Honda Accord engines

There are big news when we talk about engines for 2016 Accord. This sedan will finally get a hybrid version, which is excellent newness for all those who want more economic version of this great car. On the other side, standard petrol engines will remain the same, but probably with some improvements both in power and fuel economy. For Japanese, Australian and European market 2016 Honda Accord will be equipped with Honda’s well-known and proven “Earth Dreams” 2.4 liter 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC which outputs 185 horsepower and 181 lb-ft of max torque. For U.S. market, Accord will be powered with other engine. It will be 3.5 liter 24-valve SOHC V6 which delivers 278 horses and has 252 lb-ft of max torque.

 2016 Honda Accord

2016 Honda Accord release date and price

Well, introduction of 2016 is still far away, so it is very difficult to give some predictions about price and release date. However, it is expected 2016 year model to be available somewhere in late 2015/early 2016 year period. Although price is unknown and hard to predict, we don’t expect some drastic changes compared to 2015 year model.

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