2015 HondaJet

It might be strange for someone but yes, Honda makes airplanes too. It is known that Honda started development of small business jet in mid-eighties, almost 30 years ago. The first flight of this airplane was in 2003 and, according to rumors, FAA certification is expected very soon so it is quite possible that HondaJet will enter production in 2015.

2015 HondaJet

2015 HondaJet design

Development of 2015 HondaJet, also called Honda HA-420 started around 28 years ago. Company’s general idea was to construct small airplane, capable to carry 5 or 6 passengers and two crew members and also to have decent cargo space. So far, six airplanes are built, four are for flight tests while two are structural test aircrafts. The design of 2015 HondaJet is pretty unusual. It has over-the-wing podded engine configuration, which was seen for the first time on VFW-614 many decades ago. This configuration not only looks exotic, but also has its own benefits. It allows for more space within the fuselage and reduces drag at high speeds. The whole structure of this airplane is made of lightweight composite materials and according to company, this combination of lightweight, great aerodynamics and efficient engine makes this jet up to 35 percent more economic than similar aircraft, when it is about fuel consumption.

2015 HondaJet

2015 HondaJet technical details

The 2015 HondaJet can carry 6 passengers and 2 crew members, while useful load is 1400 lbs. Dimensions are 42 ft-7 inches length and 14 ft-11 inches height, while wingspan is 39 ft-9 inches. The 2015 HondaJet is powered with two GE Honda HF120 turbofan engines and according to company, it will have excellent performances. Top speed of 2015 HondaJet is 483 mph, while rate of climb is 3990 ft/min. Maximum range is 1380 miles, while maximum take-off weight is 9200 lbs. It uses Garmin G3000 avionics.

2015 HondaJet interior

2015 HondaJet launch date and price

In 2012 Honda announced that HondaJet was entering production. However, it still waits for US Federal Aviation Administration certificate. According to newest rumors, this certificate is expected in 2015, so first delivers will be soon after. The price for 2015 HondaJet is expected to be around 4.5 million dollars.

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