2015 Honda XR650L

If you are looking for a dirt-bike that is agile and light, but still capable for all kinds of adventures, the 2015 Honda XR650L is right model for you. It is comfortable both on and off the road, durable in any conditions, and it will offer great joy of ride every time its engine is fired up. Excellent engine, with electric starter and many more features, is reliable and can produce enough power for most riders. Frame won’t disappoint you also, and price is still affordable, although this is the one of the best machine in the class.

2015 Honda XR650L

2015 Honda XR650L engine

Huge engine installed for 2015 Honda XR650L is air-cooled and dry-slump, but displacement of 644 cc and 4-stroke unit with one cylinder is great choice. It is mated to 5-speed gearbox, which distribute power to rear wheels. Electric starter is new feature and Honda offered programmed fuel injection, as for the most models, for better gas mixture and better performance. And it is one of the highlights of Honda XR650L, with top speed set at 110 mph for dirt bike, which is almost incredible. Front suspension uses 43mm air-adjustable axle Showa cartridge fork, with 11.6-inches of travel. Rear end gets 11.0-inches travel from Pro-Link Showa single-shock with spring-preload.

2015 Honda XR650L side view

2015 Honda XR650L features

Company decided to go with 21 inch wheel on front and 18 inch on the back of the bike. Front tire is made for various conditions on and off the road, while rear gives great sidewall protection against flats. Rear wheel also can be used for various tires, depending where you are heading with 2015 Honda XR650L. Disc brakes handle excellent stopping power and both disc rotors perform well on dry or wet conditions. Other features includes all standard equipment, such as turn signals, license-plate light or horn.

2015 Honda XR650L rear view

For passenger there are footpegs and grab strap. Electric starter offers starting the bike with just one push of the button. It is also helpful on cold weather. You don’t have to worry about bike’s frame since it is specially built for tough conditions and off-roading. It backbone is lighter, so entire bike saved some weight for this model.

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