2015 Honda Type R

North American fans of Honda can’t wait to see another tuned car from their favorite model, Civic. Type R has always been performance boosted model, and while new Civic is expect to make big impact on market and reach high selling records, we are sure that some buyers will skip base model and wait for 2015 Honda Type R to be launched. It could be happened soon and price is announced to be around $50.000. It will be worth for a powerful performance that Type R offers.

2015 Honda Type R front view

2015 Honda Type R engine

As we heard, new 2015 Honda Type R will be available with few engine options. Top of the class model is going to deliver almost 300 hp. That is possible from 2.0-l turbocharged petrol unit. The 2015 year model of Civic Type R will be the first one to get turbo motor. This i-VTEC drivetrain fitted perfectly, paired with 6-speed manual gearbox as its standard option. No other transmission system is known at this point. According to leaked information, 2015 Type R was tested in Nurburgring in Germany.

2015 Honda Type R side view

For that testing, other engine was used. Honda engineers tried Type R with 3.0-l V6 powertrain and succeeded to produce 280 hp. This model runs 0-60 mph in around 6 seconds. We heard that car will get new suspension. This system will allow drivers to get maximum performance, with no reducing the torque. Power outcome is better, and acceleration won’t suffer.

2015 Honda Type R redesign

When we see new Type R for the first time, most notable exterior detail will be paint. New vehicle got some new colors which look good on it. Previously, at Paris car show, concept car was presented in blue. New model will get fresh dampers on both ends, which will set automatically, based on driving conditions. Also, 2015 Honda Type R will be more aggressive, according to spokesmen.

2015 Honda Type R rear view

They announced big changes in order to stay compatible with competition. As it was told, car is significantly lighter, which is leading to better fuel economy. Front side of the Honda Type R will be refreshed with new LED lights, while car also has round fog lights.

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