2015 Honda Shadow Phantom

With many cruisers offered, the one hasn’t been proved as something special. Beside Honda’s characteristics – durability and reliability, there are no visual specifications that could be breathtaking. The 2015 Honda Shadow Phantom is somehow common town cruiser, without outstanding styling features. According to fans critics, this bike is not so hot with its ordinary and laid-back design. However, there are users that like their pick for mid-size cruiser.

2015 Honda Shadow Phantom front view

2015 Honda Shadow Phantom styling

The design of 2015 Honda Shadow Phantom is compared to classic town cruisers. However, special design solutions are 26-inch high seat and narrow waist at the seat-tank junction. Laid-back seat is also favorable by some users. Curb weight of 549 pounds is plus, since that is not too much for mid-size cruiser, and give you opportunity to handle the bike easily. There is enough room on seats for two persons, rider and passenger, and seating is designed in gunfighter style. As it should be expected, black color dominates on Honda Shadow Phantom. However, this shadow has chrome details on few parts of the bike. Two color schemes are available. All black is default paintjob, and other one is Light Silver Metallic. Price for the model is $7500.

2015 Honda Shadow Phantom rear view

2015 Honda Shadow Phantom engine

Power to the 2015 Honda Shadow Phantom is propelled from 745 cc 52-degree V-twin unit with liquid cooling. This engine is powerful and riders looking for torque won’t be disappointed. However, it will be proven when specification list comes out with complete info about this mid-size cruiser. Some experts predict 50 lb-ft of torque, which is fair result. For transmission is used wide-ratio five-speed gearbox. There are no many more information about new Honda Shadow Phantom available, so we must wait official premiere to find out more.

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