2015 Honda Shadow Aero

The 2015 Honda Shadow Aero is another excellent cruiser from Japanese company for this year. This segment has been developed in recent years, and Honda’s recipe was comfortable riding. That is primary thing when you think of these kinds of bikes. Maximum relaxation during trips, with recall of classic bikes styling are highlights of Honda Shadow Aero. During 1950’s and 1960’s, cruisers were very popular, and styling from that period awakens nostalgia among fans. With new model, Honda captured traditional look, but mechanic and specification are much improved.

2015 Honda Shadow Aero front view

2015 Honda Shadow Aero engine

Power to the cruiser comes from 52-degree V-twin engine with liquid cooling. Displacement is 745 cc unit, with 79 mm bore and 76 mm stroke. Specification about performance is not known yet, so we need to wait official announcement. However, power produced in engine is being delivered to rear wheel through 5-speed transmission box. The 2015 Honda Shadow Aero gets PGM-FI system for better mixture of petrol. Also, worth of mentioning is automatic enrichener circuit that boosts cold starts all by itself. One of the performance details which is available is fuel economy, and 56 mpg is just fine for this cruiser. Total range is close to 200 miles, but is depends on circumstances, such as riding style, weather conditions and ride on the open road or city cruising.

2015 Honda Shadow Aero side view

2015 Honda Shadow Aero redesign

This cruiser is low, and seating position is set at just 26 inches. It is hard to be closer to the ground from this, but it is great advantage for shorter riders, which can hop easier on 2015 Honda Shadow Aero. Candy red paint job is only choice. Other styling solutions are more exciting for these who doesn’t like the color pick. Classic parts include full-figured fenders and chrome covers. Front tire is on the front of the chassis, with 120 mm wide and 17 inch wheel. Rear tire is fatter with 160 mm, but wheel is 15-incher.

2015 Honda Shadow Aero rear view

Overall weight of the Honda Shadow Aero is 560 pounds, and all these features could be purchased with bike for $7.500.

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