2015 Honda SFA Concept

When there is some announcement about new concept in car industry, it causes great interest. Well, it is not the same case in bike segment. It is probably because there are much more car lovers than bikers. However, there are people who are excited about these concepts too. Honda is a leader in motorcycle industry, so all eyes are on the new 2015 Honda SFA Concept presented at the latest Osaka Motorcycle Show. This is just one of the many planned platforms for bikes from this company, but we found it the most interesting. The SFA concept is not the new one, since it has been seen at Indonesia Motorcycle Show in 2014. However, now it is more likely that soon we could get a bike based on this concept.

2015 Honda SFA Concept front view

2015 Honda SFA Concept redesign

Steel frame is in the base of 2015 Honda SFA Concept chassis. There are also upside-down fork and a single-sided swingarm. These are new things and we are sure that Honda is developing new models on these ideas. Besides that, not too much is known about SFA concept. Just few information are available, and Honda was really quiet on this so far. We saw the bike with glossy two-tone matte finish, with smooth lines and curves on visual appearance. Headlights and front guard are highlights of styling solutions, but side mirrors add more excitement. However, overall impression is that new SFA concept is going to bring something new and different from the already seen.

2015 Honda SFA Concept side view

2015 Honda SFA Concept drivetrain

The most likely solution for powerplant for 2015 Honda SFA Concept is single-cylinder engine. If that shows as true, bikes built on this platform will face competition in small-displacement class, and there are KTM Dukes and Yamaha MT-125. Although this 1.0-l engine can’t deliver much power, predicted speed of 90 mph is just fair. However, leaked information from Honda say that price is going to be somewhere around $4800, which is significantly higher from base model of  Yamaha MT-125, but in par with KTM machines.

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