2015 Honda S660 Spy Pics

Mid-range Honda S660 is ready for the launch. Concept that was presented two years ago at Detroit Car Show, and since then all enthusiasts can’t wait for this vehicle. The car gathered a lot of fans from the concept, and now 2015 Honda S660 spy pics are thrilling moment. Two year period of waiting is almost over and everyone who made pick on this car can start saving for it.

2015 honda s660 spy pics

2015 Honda S660 design

We saw 2015 Honda S660 spy pics that were made on car during street testing. According to experts and some leaked info, these are final tests before the premiere. As it is said in Japan, the ‘Kei’, or mini-car, is ready to hit the market and make some impact. Exterior design of the Honda S660 is probably the reason of so much impression about this car. Futuristic lines make S660 very attractive. Also, interior is not less alluring. All the digital instruments and modern features are making this car very hot few months before its appearance.

2015 honda s660 spy pic

2015 Honda S660 engine

The 2015 Honda S660 spy pics couldn’t tell us what is under the hood. However, experts have their thoughts, and common among most of them is that turbocharged 660-cc three-cylinder engine will be the powertrain. Predicted output for the new mid-engine Honda model is around 65 hp. As everyone have already spotted, car’s name is ensued from its 660-cc drivetrain. Manual transmission is mated to engine, having 5 shifts. Also, a CVT gearbox is mentioned in some rumors.

2015 honda s660 spy

2015 Honda S660 release date and price

Price is totally unknown for this new, mid-range vehicle, since there are no complete info about its engine and equipment. However, that should be found out soon. At least for these, to whom few months are not big problem to wait. However, since 2015 Honda S660 spy pics are taken, we expect the vehicle to arrive, probably, on summer of 2015.

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