2015 Honda S2000

Honda S2000 is two-seat roadster which is originally launched in 1999 and it was produced until 2009. After several years of waiting, Japanese automaker is finally about to launch new generation of this two seats convertible sports car. This time it will come with whole new, more aggressive and futuristic design, rich interior and great performances.

2015 Honda S2000

2015 Honda S2000 design

New Honda’s roadster will be made mostly made of extra lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber, so it is clear that there will be great weight savings which will give additional improvement to car’s overall performance. The look of new 2015 Honda S2000 will be fantastic. Although we have seen it on pictures, it is more that clear that new model will have futuristic and very aggressive. With new LED headlights, which are equipped with daytime running lamps, and new massive grille, front end looks very mighty, although S2000’s dimensions are not so big. Beside its great look, which will definitely attract attention of many bystanders, 2015 S2000 will also have great interior. Leather seats, high quality materials and cutting-edge features are just some of the things which will adorn the new model.

2015 Honda S2000

2015 Honda S2000 engine

Do not let be fooled by the volume of new 2015 Honda S2000 engine! Although it is pretty small, it will have great performances. The 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine delivers around 160 horses, which will be delivered through 6-speed automatic CVT gearbox to the rear wheels. Not only it goes from 0-60 in only 6 seconds, but it will have great fuel economy and, which is very important nowdays, it will also have low gas emissions ratings. There is also a possibility for a hybrid version of this new roadster, but for now, there is no official information about that.

2015 Honda S2000

2015 Honda S2000 release date and price

After long period of waiting, new 2015 S2000 will finally be launched. It not officially confirmed, but it is expected to be available very soon, in the second half of this year. Although it is not certified yet, it is expected new S2000 to cost around 38.000 dollars.

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