2015 Honda Ruckus

Ruckus is a scooter from Honda which is famous of its unique design. It is eye-catching at first sight, and you can remember it very easy. It is naked, showing most of its interior, while there is no classic storage room. However, it doesn’t make 2015 Honda Ruckus less exciting. This scooter is versatile and reliable, and its ergonomics could surprise you. This bike is made for urban ride, offering good fuel economy, which is very important for this kind of vehicle. On the other side, it is not too much expensive with value of just under $2700.

2015 Honda Ruckus

2015 Honda Ruckus engine

The motorcycle is built around 49 cc single – cylinder, four – stroke engine. Drivetrain of 2015 Honda Ruckus gets liquid-cooling. But, that is not end of presentation, since this scooter has many more things to offer. First of all, electric starter makes your ride easier, while automatic V-Matic gearbox, in combination with mentioned engine, provides smoothness and great fuel consumption of almost incredible 114 mpg. Fuel tank capacity is 1.3 gallons. With V-matic, changing gears is not necessarily, which helps you in traffic.

2015 Honda Ruckus side view

2015 Honda Ruckus features

Although the 2015 Honda Ruckus looks stripped, there are plenty of things to be seen on it. You will notice oversized tires. This scooter rides on 10 inch wheels and 120/90 front and 130/90 rear wheel. Braking is provided from front and rear drums. Visual appearance can be chosen from white and red or just black color. This is very reliable bike for $2700, which is the value for it. However, you won’t see too much after this on Ruckus since it doesn’t have body. Its urban design is interesting, and many fans are loving this scooter just because of it.

2015 Honda Ruckus rear view

There are few features worth of mentioning. Dual headlights fit perfectly on machine. Tires are chosen almost perfectly and seating position is low, but attractive and gives more fun while riding. Also, electric start is great feature, offering easy start for new Honda Ruckus.

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