2015 Honda Prelude

Prelude is concept that Honda uses from time to time. It was a vehicle that was on the market earlier, but then it was revoked. However, we expect its return as 2015 Honda Prelude. It is somehow unexpected, so there is no much information about it. Some rumors appeared and it is not clear yet if this is true, or just another misinformation launched to boost interest in this vehicle.

2015 Honda Prelude

2015 Honda Prelude platform

This is two-door sport car. Prelude kept it initial idea for over 20 years, until the end of production in 2001. First generation was coupe, launched in 1978, and it was available until second appeared in 1982. However, this vehicle had some common parts with Accord, so we expect same connection this time. Many people loved this car, so it is strange why Honda kept this car away so much. But, all fans and enthusiasts will have a chance to get it, probably as 2015 Honda Prelude.

2015 Honda Prelude engine

Since there is no official confirmation about 2015 Honda Prelude, we still can’t know what could be under its hood. Also, car is away for many years, so we can’t predict it on previous models. But, what we can do is to compare other vehicles and their powertrains, and try to guess which option could be packed into new Prelude. First engine that could be picked as base model is 2.0-l VTEC. This unit is good for 250 hp, which is good for this sport coupe. Also, there are some predictions that new Prelude could come out as hybrid.

2015 honda prelude

According to these gossips, 3.5-l V6 drivetrain will be paired with electric batteries, and this combo could throw out over 300 hp and almost 350 lb-ft of torque. It is very probable, that 2015 Prelude, if appears, will have 6-speed automatic gearbox mated to petrol engine. Hybrid could get different type of transmission.

2015 Honda Prelude release date

If these rumors are true, we expect 2015 Honda Prelude somewhere during next year. However, car should suffer some more modifications in its design and powertrain picking, but we are sure that Honda engineering will finish the job in 2015.

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